Hadden uw (groot)ouders bezittingen in Groot-Brittannië? 

Denkt u dat u of uw (groot)ouders bezittingen vanuit Nederland, Duitsland of door nazi-Duitsland bezet gebied in Groot-Brittannië hadden veiliggesteld en nooit teruggekregen? De Britse regering maakt daarom attent op de Enemy Property Compensation Schemes.
Lees hier verder:

During the period of the Second World War the Government froze assets in British territories owned by residents of enemy countries including the former Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan and countries occupied by them under the Trading with the Enemy Act 1939. This was in order to prevent their use against the UK or its allies during the war.
In the 1960’s the British government decided that individuals who were living in the Baltic States and had assets seized in Britain during the Second World War under the Trading with the Enemy Act should have their assets returned. This was called the Baltic States scheme.
Separately, it was formally decided in 1997 that individuals who had lived in the belligerent and occupied countries and were victims of Nazi persecution, had suffered an injustice in not having their seized UK assets returned to them and should be compensated. This was called the Enemy Property Payment Scheme.
Both Schemes are currently administered by an independent Enemy Property Compensation Advisory Panel (“The Panel”) set up in 1999, whose role is to consider and make decisions on these claims. The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy provides a Secretariat to the Panel.

People who believe that they could make a claim for compensation are urged to check the EPCAP website [ https://www.gov.uk/guidance/make-a-claim-under-the-enemy-property-compensation-schemes] and seek further information from the Enemy Property Claims Assessment Panel (EPCAP):

Janette Plumridge MBE
Enemy Property Claims Assessment Panel (EPCAP) Secretariat
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET
United Kingdom

Email contact: Janette.Plumridge@beis.gov.uk

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