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Amsterdam Synagogue Choir

Some recording by the Amsterdam Synagogue Choir (Koor Der Groote Synagoge Amsterdam) can be found on the internet.

Five recordings, taken from a record 1929. These were conducted by Sam Englander,  אהבתי & המבדיל were also arranged by Englander.
Psalm 93: ה' מלך
Psalm 150: הללוק'ה הללו
Psalm 116: אהבתי
Psalm 117: הללו את ה'. November 1935, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the NIHS Jewish Community of Amsterdam (orthodox Ashkenazi congregation started 1635). conducted by Sam Englander.
16 recordings on CD "Chazzanoet in vooroorlogs joods Amsterdam". This CD is published with the consent of the copyright holder, the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam.
Ohavtie (S.H.Englander)
Adousjem Moloch (V.Schlesinger)
Freitag Oif Der Nacht (Arr. S.H.Englander)
Av Horachamiem (Arr. S.H.Englander)
Omar Rabbi Elgnozor (S.Alman)
Hamavdiel (Arr. S.H.Englander)
Zochartie Loch (L.Lewandowski)
Hallaloejoh (A.Berlijn)
As Mosjiach Wet Kummen (Arr. S.H. Englander)
Sjemang Kouleinoe (J.Rumshinsky)
Kie Lekach Tov (S.H.Englander)
Jismechoe Bemalchoesecha (Z.Zilberts)
Boroech Habo (A.Berlijn)
Sjevang Berochous (I.E.Maroko)
Sjier Hamangalous (I.Olman)
Halleel: Hallaloe (L.Lewandowski) and Houdoe (I.Heijmann)

Samuel  (Sam) Henry Englander - choirmaster, composer. Born September 26, 1896 in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

In 1916-1942 he directed the choir of the Great Synagogue of Amsterdam. In 1928 in London at the competition organized by the newspaper "The Jewish Chronicle" the choir received the first prize. On the eve of World War II, he published the collection "Zmirot Israel", which included his original liturgical compositions or arranged by him. After the capture of the Netherlands by the Germans, he ended up in the ghetto of Amsterdam, from where he was deported to the extermination camp Sobibor (Poland).

Sam Englander died on June 11, 1943.

The Great Synagogue and Amsterdam Jewish Choir was, in November 1935, composed of the following singers (those marked with an asterisk sang during synagogue services):
Giacomo Aletrino (tenor), Marcus Bonn (bass), Joop Delcanho* (tenor), David Duque (bass), Michel Gobets (tenor), Nathan Gobets Sr.* (tenor), Barend Levie Muller* (bass), Meijer Nebig* (baritone), Lou Nieweg* (tenor)
David Peeper* (baritone), Louis Polak (bass), Jo Rabbie* (baritone), Sal Stodel (baritone), Bernard de Wit (bass), Louis de Wit* (bass), 
Of all of them, only Lou Nieweg is known to have survived the Second World War.


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