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Michael Bloemendal

Michael (MIcha) is the eldest son of chazzan Bloemendal.

Six tapes with the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur have dedicated pages on the website. Similar the layening (Tora reading) has its own webage.

Chanuka live recording 2016 in RAS synagogue, Amsterdam.
Complete recording



והוא רחום - ברכו
ברכו - שמע
במעביר בניו - עמו ישראל לעד
יראו ענינו
קדיש Chanuka & Purim
הדלקת נרות
שיר המעלות

On tape JIC4 from J Cohen from 12:30 till 18:00 there is another live recording, this time in Rotterdam with the local coir. This is  ????

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