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On this page we bring 23 melodies recorded by various members of the Bonnewit and Dothan families, distant relatives of Herman Duizend, who provided these recordings. Read more on this.

Recorded after Aliya, thus in most cases no Ashkenazi pronunciation. The number in brackets refers to the list of performers, see below the table.

Shir haMa'alot


First days Pesach    (1) התעוררי Omer   (unknown, Dutch)
Last days Pesach    (1)
Shavu'ot    (1)
Three weeks    (1)
Chanuka I and Chanuka II    (1) הלל
Regular Shabbat    (1) בצאת ישראל I and בצאת ישראל II (not Dutch)    (5)
nr. 11 regular Shabbat   (1) מה לך הים (not Dutch)    (5)
nr. 12 similar to nr 11    (3) מה אשיב all Yom Tov days    (4)
nr. 13 regular Shabbat     (3) & (2)
nr. 14 regular Shabbat     (3)
nr. 15 regular Shabbat     (2) זמירות
nr 16 regular Shabbat     (2) שלום עליכם    (4)
nr. 17 Shemini Atseret     (2) צור משלו אכלנו     (4), see note (*)
nr. 18 regular Shabbat     (2) מזמור לדוד    (unknown, not Dutch)

Dutch Yom-tov children songs , texts: Clara Asscher-Pinkhof (**)

Vier muurtjes - Succot   בעברית  (2) Channoeko-lichtjes   בעברית    (2)
Het oude jaar - Rosh Hashana    בעברית   (2)
The melody as recorded is definitely the one used by many families. However, it turns out that originally this song was written for another melody. See original (numerical) notation 1918, sheet music (1980) and recording of 1980 version.

(1) Joop (Joseef) Dothan (Duizend), uncle of Herman Duizend, with his wife Alida (Lida) Dothan-Asscher and / or his daughter Rachel Abrahams.
(2) Joseef (Yossi) Dotan (Duizend), grandnephew of Joop Dothan
(3) Rachel Abrahams, possibly with her daughter Daphna Zoldan
(4) Jaap Bonnewit
(5) Dotan Family 
(*) Jaap Bonnewit, melody came from his wife, Netty Bonnewit Vreedenburg. She grew up in an orphanage. From time to time the board would visit. It was a great honor if a girl was allowed to sing רחם for them.


Family tree leading to Yossi Dotan

Eliazer (Leizer) Asscher (1844-1926) had a.o. the following children:

Isaac (1873-1943), the grandfather of Joop Asscher
Esther (1874-1936), married to Joseph Duizend; those are Yossi's grandparents. Yossi was named after this grandfather
Eljakim (Jacques) Asscher (1879-1944), the father of Alida (Lida) Asscher who was married to Joop (Joseef) Dothan (Duizend). Joop was Herman Duizend's uncle.
Chief Rabbi Abraham Asscher (1884-1926), who was married to Clara Pinkhof. Clara Asscher-Pinkhof wrote a.o. children's songs for the Chagim, sometimes based on the traditional Yom Tov melodies for e.g. Shir haMa'alot

Yossi's mother was Rosa Bonnewit, the sister of Jaap.

(**) Three songs from Clara Asscher-Pinkhof: Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and Hanukkah were recorded, see table. Translations to Ivriet of these three songs were made by the family. Yossi Dotan recorded them
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