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Joseph (Jo) I. Cohen

Pharmacist, 1912-2004, Groningen & Rotterdam

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interview by Ruben Vis and Oded Peles with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Cohen in Rotterdam, 1999. Mr. Peles is a descendant of J.L. Vleesschouwer, long time chazzan in Groningen. For Vleesschouwer a book was written (Kol Jehoedo, written by Stern in the 20ies of the 20th century) with a large collection of sheetmusic that Vleesschouwer composed or sang while chief cantor in Groningen. Mr. Cohen lived in Rotterdam but was from Groningen. The interviews centers around the memories of Mr. Cohen from Groningen and starts with his memories of chazzan Levi Rosenblatt, who officiated in Groningen. Levi Rosenblatt was the brother of the world famous cantor Jossele Rosenblatt. Cohen also recalls chazzan J.L. Lichtenstein who officiated after Rosenblatt in Groningen as well as the chazzan sheni and Jewish teacher M.B. Stern, who was a sofer (scribe) and wrote a Torah scroll as well as the aforementioned sheet music book. In the interview Cohen starts several tunes of Dutch nusach on various prayers.

Mind some parts of the tapes contain recordings from other chazzanim.

recording nr תפילה


JIC1 complete Most of side a and all of b are empty or not relevant and excluded
psalm 24 Melody Vleeschhouwer, Groningen
remark Backgound on Seijffers' recordings on Vleeschhouwer
JIC2 complete
RH & YK moesaph קדיש
אבינו מלכינו
RH moesaph אונתנה תוקף
RH & YK moesap עלינו
RH & YK moesaph קדיש
RH moesaph היום הרת עולם
2nd half of side a has recordings identical to HB1b, site b has no relevant recordings.
JIC3 complete
לכה דודי 1
לכה דודו 2
יגדל 1
יגדל 2
קדושה מוסף שבת
side a starts with HB kol nidre, identical to HB1b, the rest is corrupt. Side b
JIC4 complete
Hupa, Bloemendal H
Adon Olam
side b is blank. Side a also contains live recordings from th Rotterdam Choir with Bloemendal M as chazzan



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