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Chazzanut Groningen - Daniel Colthof

The recordings on this page are taken from the CD "Chazzanut from the city of Groningen", produced by the Center for Research on Dutch Jewry in Jerusalem. All copyright holders granted us permission to publish the music on this website.

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These recorded melodies are taken from the magnificently hand-written sheet music book by B. Stern. The Groningen Chazzan was J. Vleeschhouwer. The Stern sheet music can be found elsewhere on this website. 69 out of the 188 melodies of this repertoire were already recorded by Chazzan Seijfers. This CD adds 16 more recordings and 22 melodies. In contrast to Seijfers, Colthof didn't use the Dutch Ashkenazi pronunciation. The arranger and accompanist is Mr. Raymond Goldstein.

The numbers in the table refer to the numbering as added to the presented Stern copy.


Sheet music

לכה דודי Nr. 2
לכה דודי Nr. 10
צדיק כתמר Nr. 16 (not numbered on page)
Separate: nr. 35, nr. 36, nr. 37, nr. 40
Nr. 36 (verses 1,2), 37 (verses 3-6), 35 (verses 7,8), 40 (verses 11-13) 
אנעים זמירות
Separate: nr. 61, nr. 64, nr. 66, nr 67
Nr. 61, 67, 64, 66 two double verses per melody
מה אשיב Nr. 120
הודו לה' Nr. 123
לא אמות Nr. 121
אופן לשבת בראשית Nr. 49
 מאורה (אופן) לשבת חנוכה Nr. 53
כבודו מלא עולם Nr. 83
קדיש לשמחת תורה Nr. 91 called "Sieben Farben"
מכלכל חיים Nr. 111
או"א תבא לפניך Nr. 164
לדוד מזמור לה' הארץ Nr. 140
היום הרת עולם Nr. 151



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