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B. Moskovitz

Benzion Moskovitz (1907-1968), Jeweler, was since 1939, for 25 years, chazzan in the Lekstraatsjoel in Amsterdam. He was granted the Chower-title at his 25th jubilee in 1964. He was also Mohel. 

Chupa (M&B Nager-Packter(*), Enschede March 1965)

01 Track 1    Kadish mincha YK & chupa.mp3
ex-a              Refa'enu
02 Track 2    Velijushalim irecha.mp3
03 Track 3    Retse.mp3
ex-b              Baruch haba
04 Track 4    berachot.mp3
ex-c              Shir ham'alot

(*) According to other input this was recorded during the chupa of B&C Packter-Beck. According to this source, the chupa of M&B Nager-Packter took place in Amsterdam.

Recordings chazzanut (not Dutch) 1950th

05 Track 5-av harachamim shabbat.mp3
06 Track 6-vehu rachum ma'ariv.mp3
07 Track 7-jiddish 1.mp3
08 Track 8-jidish 2.mp3
09 Track 9-jidish 3.mp3
10 Track 10-kol dodi.mp3
11 Track 11-ha lachma anja.mp3
12 Track 12-ma nishtana.mp3 read more below
13 Track 13-adir hu.mp3
14 Track 14-tal teen.mp3
15 Track 15-tal tsave.mp3

Pesach on the national radio

In the 1950th there used to be a radio broadcast on one of the national channels (probably AVRO) about Pesach. There would be a speaker, a chazzan and a boy saying ma nishtana. These were live recordings, which created quite some stress, especially with the boys. Track nr 12  is the live recording from 1951, where chazzan Moskovitz and his son Moshe (1947) at the age of 4 performed. Probably the chazzan sung track 11 & track 13. Another live Pesach broadcast, which is most probably older, was made by chazzan Hans Bloemendal & David (Loulou) Sondervan (1943). The speech of mr J. van Dijk got lost (recording collection fam Sondervan).


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