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Abraham (Bram) Salomons ל'ז (1893 -1979) was born in the old Jewish quarter of Amsterdam as a son of Simon Salomons, a teacher at the Netherlands' Rabbinic Seminary. He was an active member of the Dutch Mizrachi movement and an ardent and beloved youth leader at Zichron, the youth organization of the prewar Mizrachi. He belonged to the group of Zionist Jews who started to learn Hebrew as a reborn spoken language. He loved and knew the typically Dutch kind of Ashkenazic chazzanut and often served as a chazzan, in small province villages and in several Amsterdam chevra synagogues

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Bram Salomons survived the Second World War and almost two years imprisonment in concentration camps together with his wife and his four children. In those years they were greatly helped by the Swiss family of Bram’s wife who did everything possible to save the lives of their endangered kinsmen. Bram's brothers and sisters and their families were all killed, like so many of the Dutch Jews. After the war Bram Salomons worked again for the Amsterdam Jewish community, at first as a secretary of the Amsterdam rabbinate, thereafter as leader of Tikvatenu, the newly founded youth department of the Orthodox community. After the war he again often served as a chazzan, especially at the small and characteristic Gerard Doustraat synagogue, where the Amsterdam nusach and nigunim are still being kept alive, for a great part owing to Bram Salomons' unwavering activity during his life.

Many of the younger generation remember Bram as “Dikke Sjloume”. He got this nickname after his father Simon, who was called Sjloume.

The recordings were made in the period 1970-1975. What is striking is that he sings very slowly on the recordings. Maybe this was for didactic reasons, but it probably also had to do with the fact that in those years, almost 80, he was at the end of his strength. 80 was very old at that time. This slow singing is in contrast to the speed with which he led real services, which he is still known for in the Gerard Dou synagogue.

Unfortunately, the quality of the straps is not always good; some parts are almost completely lost.

For the time being, we only publish the recordings with a short summary of contents, as written on the tapes. Full Indexation will follow later.

tape 1atape 1b: Shabbat: mincha, moesaf , kabbalat shabbat, shacharit. End 1a and beginning 1b are corrupt
tape 2a & tape 2b: Shabbat: ma'ariv, Rosh Hashana: ma'ariv, shacharit day 1
tape 3a & tape 3b: Rosh Hashana:: shacharit day 1, kadish musaph day 1, shacharit day 2, musaph, Yom Kipur: shacharit 
tape 4a & tape 4b: Yom Kipur: kol nidre, ne'ila
tape 5a & tape 5b: Yom Kipur: Shacharit, Mincha, Ne'eila (beginning), Musaph, kadish Mincha
tape 6a & tape 6b: Yom tov: shacharit Pesach Al harishonim, kadish, adon olam, shocheen ad  regalim, kidush, ma'ariv simchat tora, mi sheberach, anim zemirot
tape 7a & tape 7b:  1st, 2nd day pesach & matnad yad. Tape 7a has a noise in minutes 2-7. A noise improved version is available
tape 8a & tape 8b: Megilat Esther, zerok alenu, est haim, barechu, zemirot shabbat, hamavdil
tapes 9, 10 and most of 11 do not contain relevant material. Tape 11a: moesaph shabbat & shabbat RH
tape 12a various Yom tov. Most of 12a and all of 12b are not recorded.
When indexing, it became clear that when the master tapes were copied to cassettes, the order was not kept. e.g. tape 1a should be followed by tape 2a, not by 21b. In the tables below this is corrected.
קבלת שבת לכה דודי melody 1, melody 2(poor quality), melody 3 (missing), melody 4, melody 5, melody 6 (Omer)
פסוקי דזמרה אדון עולם, פסוקי דזמרה, נשמת כל חי, שוכן עד
שחרית קדיש, ברכו, עד שמע, עד עמידה
חזרה & קדושה, ישמח משה
קדושה melody 2 (youth minjan), melody 3, melody 4 (Maarsen),  melody 5 (Katz)
חזרת הש"צ
קריאת התורה
מוסף קדיש
חזרה, קדושה, תקנת שבת, רצה, ברכת כהנים
קדיש, אין כאלקנו, עלינו
קדושה melody 2, melody 3, melody 4, melody 5
ברכת כהנים melody 2, melody 3
מנחה אשרי, ובא לציון
קדיש, ואני
גדלו, קדיש
חזרה, קדושה, אתה אחד, רצה,
צדקתך, קדיש, עלינו
מעריב מוצ"ש


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