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A'dam pre WW Choir
Bloemendal H
Bloemendal M
Cohen JI
van Creveld I
Duizend H
Elzas S
van Leeuwen A
Moskovits B
Mossel M
Philipson M
van Praag M
Salomons A
Schuster Ah
Seijffers M
NLI collection
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One of the goals of this website is to collect and safeguard for the future as many recordings as possible. On this page I list all recordings. Another goal is to index each recording. That is, however, a lot of work. To avoid anything from getting lost, I first publish each recording on this page. Over time all recordings will, בע"ה, be indexed.

Moskovits: Dutch chupa and various chazzanut
J. Sajet: bircat cohanim tape & indexed including elucidation
S. Elzas (mainly Rotterdam):
Shabbat: tape 1a, tape 1b, tape 2a, tape 2b, indexed
Yom Tov: tape 3a, tape 3b, tape 4a, tape 4b, indexed 
Various hazzanut: tape 5a, tape 5b, tape 6a, tape 6b (6b precedes 6a), indexed
Tape 7 ( parts of YK), 8 ( parts of RH) & 9 (morning 2nd day RH) are indexed on this page tape 7a, tape 7b, tape 8a, tape 9a, tape 9b. Mind tape 7a starts with  ברח דודי for Pesach by A. Israels.
tape 10: Shir hama'alot (explanation plus 2 melodies), indexed
NLI-recordings (not indexed)
A record made in 1982 with seven melodies.
Aharon Schuster (Amsterdam): various hazzanut, stream stream 2 & indexed
H. Bloemendal (Amsterdam, chief chazzan RAS synagogue):
CD box Tefillot sjebe'al peh (8 CDs)
CD box various melodies & Jewish songs (3 CDs)
Various CDs, records & tapes, all on chazzanut
M. Bloemendal (Amsterdam, RAS synagogue; son of H. Bloemendal ):
Yamim noraimtape 1a, tape 1b, tape 2a, tape 2b, tape 3a, tape 3b, tape 4a, tape 4btape, tape 5b, tape 6a, tape 6b & indexed Rosh hashana, Yom Kipur including elucidation
Tora reading: tape side 1, side 2 & indexed including elucidation (not yet complete)
M. Godschalk: Shir hama'alot 26 melodies, zemirot for Shabbat 25 melodies: CD & indexed
A. Salomons jr. Unfortunately the quality of these recordings has deteriorated.
tape 1atape 1b (Shabbat: mincha, moesaf , kabbalat shabbat, shacharit). End side a and beginning side b are corrupted.
ape 2a & tape 2b: Shabbat: ma'ariv, Rosh Hashana: ma'ariv, shacharit day 1
tape 3a & tape 3b: Rosh Hashana: shacharit day 1, kadish musaph day 1, shacharit day 2, musaph, Yom Kipur: shacharit 
tape 4a & tape 4b: Yom Kipur: kol nidre, ne'ila
tape 5a & tape 5b: Yom Kipur: Shacharit, Mincha, Ne'eila (beginning), Musaph, kadish Mincha
tape 6a & tape 6b: Yom tov: shacharit Pesach Al harishonim, kadish, adon olam, shocheen ad  regalim, kidush, ma'ariv simchat tora, mi sheberach, anim zemirot
tape 7a & tape 7b:  1st, 2nd day pesach & matnad yad. Tape 7a has a noise in minutes 2-7. A noise improved version is available
tape 8a & tape 8b: Megilat Esther, zerok alenu, est haim, barechu, zemirot shabbat, hamavdil
tape 11a: moesaph shabbat & shabbat RH
tape 12a various Yom tov. 12b 
JI Cohen (1912-2004), Groningen & Rotterdam): interview 1999 by R. Vis and O. Peles, 
M Seijfers, chazzan of Rotterdam, tape 1a and tape 1b, rest form CD Ahawat Olam
Michel Philipson, chazzan in Gouda, Zaandam and 40 years in Haarlem.
Meijer Mossel (1910 - 1978) chazzan The Hague: shabbat, chagim &  7 berachot
Jehoeda Mossel sheet music shabbat & pesach
A. Israels ברח דודי, ברכת כהנים ימים נוראים
S.  Waterman מעריב פורים
M. de Wolf
Anna H' Groningen, Aniem Zemierot 2 melodies, H' zecharanoe, Adire Ajoema RH, closing kadish Neiela Groningen, Kel Adon, En kelokenoe (modren, '60), Al hakol Den Haag youth minjan (van Creveld)
I. van Creveld: chazzanut The Hague: 
Yom Kippur
NLI-recordings (not indexed)
A. Van Leeuwen  collection (1927-2004) Utrecht, various chazzanim
Harry Duizend, (1910- 1983) recorded 1975:  Rosh Hashana & Yom Kipur
Shir hama'alot: 11 melodies J Asscher
Shir hama'alot 6 melodies & zemirot Shabbat 2 melodies Herman Duizned.
Berach dodi 1st day of Pesach
Shir Hama'alot according to Hamburg tradition
Many recording, taken from the NLI collection: Dasberg, Perath, Staal, Creveld, Elzas, L. Israels, S. Israels, Peles (Vleesschouwer)
Bonnewit-Dotan Shir hama'alot and some melodies
Rotterdam melodies, recorded December 2020:
M. van Dijk: Baruch Haba and Hanerot Halalu
In December 1961, a shul choir was founded in Rotterdam on the occasion of the service for the 300th anniversary. Under the direction of chazzan Max Seijffers, above melodies for Baruch Haba and Hanerot Halalu were rehearsed. The service was broadcasted on television, the first direct Jewish broadcast in the Netherlands. Later the choir also sang Baroech Habba during chupot.
C. Filarski: Hanerot halalu, melody from Jaap & Nico Engelsman, who lived in Rotterdam till end 1950s.
Barend Cohen: Bircat cohanim and mincha during Chupa
Barend Cohen, chazzan in Leiden (1955-1966), additionally educator to children of the Leiden Jewish community, member of the Achawah Jewish religious teachers union, received groups in the synagogue to tell them about Judaism and held relations with clergy of other faiths in Leiden.
Educated in his native town Leeuwarden by chief cantor Salomon Sitters. After the Shoa and before moving to Leiden acts as chazzan in Leeuwarden. After Leiden acted as stand in chazzan in several places without a permanent chazzan such as Winterswijk, Emmen and Rotterdam.
Chazzan Marcel Lang, Bazel: Oevenoecho Yomar, Rosh Chodesj-benshen, En Kelohenoe

H Groenewoudt, rabbi of the Asmtelveen synagogue rerecorded some 'local' melodies:

מכלכל חייםהאוחז, שמחה לארצך, הורם, ונאמר ... לא הביט, היום תאמצנו

Daniel Colthof - Chazzanut Groningen
Recordings by Max van Praag at home and in shul melodies.
Various melodies by Roni Eisenmann at home



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