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Minhagim books

On this page we will publish minhagim (custom) books of various kehillot. Although some kehilot were only a few kilometers apart, their customs did vary. Except for the first two editions of הנהגת בית הכנסת which are in Yiddish and Hebrew, all minhagim books and manuscripts are in Dutch.

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city books
Comparison Yom Kipur, by Mr. M. van Rijk (Dutch)
Amsterdam Essays A.H. Veder, 1985-1986,
    original index
    few original pages
    full text
In the April 1987 the rabbanut of Amsterdam expressed their concerns about errors in the essay's. Most comments referred to typing or transliteration errors, but there were also some substantive remarks. These were corrected by mr. Brilleman in Minhage Amsterdam (Machon-Yerushalayim publishing, 2002). Regardless above, we decided to publish the essays as they add a lot of background information which was not copied into Minhage Amsterdam. Mr. M. van Rijk corrected some parts, which we are happy to publish.
   Rosh Hashana
   Kol Nidre
   Shacharit Yom Kipur
   Musaph Yom Kipur
   Mincha Yom Kipur
   Ne'ila Yom Kipur
הנהגת בית הכנסת 1737, 1776 , 1815, 1901
Minhagim Amsterdam Buitenveldert synagogue
Lijst van "acharon" stops
Chevra kadisha 1810
Article (Dutch) with minhagim related to berit mila in Amsterdam by M. Perath, 16-10-1953
Amstelveen List of kadishim during the week (2017)
Arnhem Mi Sheberach:
    woman & sick person
    joledet (new mother), bar mitswa & chatan
Mi Sheberach chief rabbi & Jizcor (the chief rabbi seems to be  S.J.S. Hirsch,  but J. Vredenburg was chief rabbi in Arnhem). 
the Hague Gebruiken, Chief rabbi I. Maarssen 1929 & index
Rosh Hashana, Rabbi P. Meijers, (? about 1990)
Verordening op de kerkelijke plechtigheden (1921, missing articles 8,9 & 10)
Verordening  op den מי שברך en het יזכור gebed (1st page only, rest is missing)
the Hague chazzanut recodings
Chevra kadisha 1771 (title page missing, see page 17)
Leiden Reglement voor de ceremonieeele orde bij den eeredienst, 1936
Additions RV:
During Kol Nidre, הנותן תשועה was recited
The mitsva of "gelila" was given to the chatan (bride) on the day of his marriage, or the shabbat before or after the marriage.
Rotterdam Yizcor shabbat before Shavu'ot and 9-av (old version)
List of selichot the morning before Rosh Hashana
Amsterdam 1901 annotated by D. Hausdorff for Rotterdam, arround 1980
Regulations for Aliyot and Mi Sheberach, 1962
Utrecht Minhage Utrecht (1930th) by Chief rabbi J. Tal:
    pages 1-26: working days
    pages 26-58: Shabbat
    pages 58-71: Jom tov
    pages 71-96: Nissan-Ellul (page 73 left and page 74 left better scans)
    pages 96-120: Tishri till Succot
    pages 120-147: Succot till Addar
Minhagim concerning dying
Utrecht chazzanut recodings
There are two more manuscripts from rabbi Tal.: one about kadish and one which seems to have been the notebook from where he made separate final versions. These two reside with the NIK and still need to be digitized.

Special topics

topic books
Mourners' Kaddish
(קדיש יתום)
Rules who is entitled to say kaddish can be found in the minhagim books:
Amsterdam: הנהגת בית הכנסת chapter III
The Hague: Verordening chapter III
Leiden: Reglement chapter 4
Rotterdam: annotations by D. Hausdorff chapter III
Utrecht: Rav Tal, still to be digitezed
Assignment board Gerard Dou synagogue Amsterdam. פ"ש probably stands for פורס על שמע:, which is קדיש and ברכו before the חזרת הש"ץ
Special psalms In Amsterdam only the psalm of the day of the week is recited. The only exception is psalm 12 at a berith mila, see page 7 . In Rotterdam this is not the minhag, see page 4
Psalms board Borculo
Psalms board Elburg
Psalms list Utrecht  by Chief rabbi J. Tal pages 21/22
Comparison table



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