Minhagim books
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Minhagim books

On this page we will publish minhagim (custom) books of various kehillot. Although some kehilot were only a few kilometers apart, their customs did vary. Except for the first two editions of הנהגת בית הכנסת which are in Yiddish and Hebrew, all minhagim books and manuscripts are in Dutch.


city books
Amsterdam Essay's A.H. Veder, 1985-1986,
    original index
    few original pages
    full text
הנהגת בית הכנסת 1776 , 1815, 1901
Lijst van "acharon" stops
Amstelveen List of kadishim during the week (2017)
the Hague Gebruiken, Chief rabbi I. Maarssen 1929 & index
Rosh Hashana, Rabbi P. Meijers, (? about 1990)
Verordening op de kerkelijke plechtigheden (1921, missing articles 8,9 & 10)
Verordening  op den מי שברך en het יזכור gebed (1st page only, rest is missing)
the Hague chazzanut recodings
Rotterdam Yizcor shabbat before Shavu'ot and 9-av
Amsterdam 1901 annotated by D. Hausdorff for Rotterdam, arround 1980
Utrecht Minhage Utrecht (1930th) Chief rabbi J. Tal:
    pages 1-26: working days
    pages 26-58: Shabbat
    pages 58-71: Jom tov
    pages 71-96: Nissan-Ellul
    pages 96-120: Tishri till Succot
    pages 120-147: Succot till Addar
Minhagim concerning dying
Utrecht chazzanut recodings
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