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Recordings: SE, JBS, RV....

Nissan Menachem Av Kislev
Iyar Elul Teveth
Sivan Tishri Shevat
Tammuz Heshvan Adar


The rabbinate of the Amsterdam Sephardi Community has ordered to add after פיטום הקטורת a special prayer (תפילה למגפה) during the Corona epidemic, as can be found in 17th century prayer books. Some Ashkenazi synagogues adopted this and say it on Shabbat morning after Musaph. The text for the epidemic was made it available by Mr. Godschalk.

On working days, end of חזרת הש"צ (NE: N. Elburg; Amsterdam)
on days with תחנון
on days without תחנון
when followed by הלל
שבת בשלח מעריב ליל שבת
שבת ברית מילה מעריב ליל שבת
שבת חתן מעריב ליל שבת
מעריב לחול ליום חגיגי
If mincha is followed directly by ma'ariv, עלינו of mincha is omitted.
During shacharit, if there is a berit mila, וכרות עמו הברית till the end of the שירה is recited line by line by the moheel and the sandak (first few words are missing on the recording) and צור ישראל is sung by the chazzan in a special melody. This צור ישראל melody is also used when there is a chatan. (NE)
On Matnat Yad (last day of Yom Tov) יזכר is said. About the question if those who still have their parents alive should stay in shul or go out there is no consensus. Some remember they would stay in, others claim they would leave. Veder writes on page 41 that it would be unthinkable that children would leave the shul, and this would have been seen as disrespect to the dead. Minhage Amsterdam (page 47 note 7) writes that "ביזכור יוצא מי שיש לו עוד הורים מיבהכ"נ", based on a note from Parser. Possibly Veder refers to the old minhag, whilst Parser refers to what most do today. Recently rabbi B.S Hamburger, who is a known expert on Ashkenazi minhagim, confirmed to me that the old Ashkenazi minhag definitively was not to leave the shul.
אופן לך א'לים שבת ראש חודש (Rotterdam)
Sheet music for various Working day melodies can be found on the Stern page.


ברכת החודש on the Pesach melody, יחדשהו ניסן; other recording: יחדשהו Bloemendal H
ממצרים גאלתנו shabbat shira & 7th  day of Pesach
Bloemendal Sedernight
תפילות לרגלים
פסח שיר המעלות
יוצר Pesach 1st day : Ravensvade
On Chol Hamoed Pesach the congregants take off the tefillin before Hallel. The chazzan takes them off before the reading of the 2nd Sefer.


There are special melodies for על הראשונים, יגדלand קדושה מוסף for the Omer period.
על הראשונים for Amsterdam; על הראשונים when piyutim are recited, Mossel.
לכה דודי for the Omer Bloemendal H
קדושה מוסף Bloermendal H

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יחדשהו H Bloemendal H
יחדשהו  R. Vis

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יחדשהו סיון,  other recording: יחדשהו Bloemendal H: סיון
אב הרחמים -  shabbat before Shavuot Bloemendal H
תפילות לרגלים
שבועות שיר המעלות
Errata list machzor Rosenberg/Dasberg.

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יחדשהו H. Bloemendal
יחדשהו R Vis

בין המצרים (the "three weeks": 17 Tammuz-9Av)

Specials in the tree weeks
During the three weeks  some texts are sung using the "Eicha" melody. Some examples  
For a full list, including differences between various synagogues and places, see annex.
יראו ענינו in the three weeks, rav I Vorst
There is a special melody for לכה דודי the first two shabbatot of the three weeks (discussion)  recording: Bloemendal H: First two  
There are special melodies for על הראשונים & יגדל, קדושה מוסף  for the three weeks, 
על הראשונים Amsterdam, Bloemendal H; על הראשונים when piyutim are recited, Mossel
קדושה מוסף Bloemendal H; קדושה - מוסף Mossel
על הראשונים for Amstelveen (Groenewoudt; mix Rotterdam & Amsterdam) & recording יגדל 
בין המצרים שיר המעלות: Elzas, Asscher

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(Menachem) Av

ברכת החודש on the melody of אלי ציון Bloemendal H, or other melody Seijfers:  יחדשהו 
שבת חזון: 
ליל שבת חזון לכה דודי  - Bloemendal H; 
Note: the recording has the couplets לכה דודי and זכור ושמור  and התעוררי. Couplets 1-4 & 9 are similar to זכור ושמור. Couplets 5 t/m 8 are sung on the melody of התעוררי, the melody of אלי ציון.
In ome synagogues the whole is sung like התעוררי, the melody of אלי ציון
לכה דודי melody אלי ציון - Seijfers
ליל שבת חזון: יגדל  - van Creveld
ליל שבת מגן אבות - Bloemendal H
אב הרחמים לפני מוסף - van Creveld den Haag
אב הרחמים לפני מוסף -  Bloemendal H
לכה דודי
מגן אבות
הכל יודוך
פיוט - אהבה
על הראשונים
פיוט - זולת
קדושה - מוסף
תפילות לתשעה באב,
RAS (Schuster), Elzas & Bloemendal H
Vis, evening:  בליל זה, morning: אאדה עד חוג שמים
בליל זה: Fiszel Mak, 2e chazzan and sjochet, Rotterdam; melody can also be used for התעוררי + next 3 verses in לכה דודי on sjabbat chazon and in שיר המעלות for ברכת המזון in the 3 weeks.
אאדה עד חוג שמים, kina 6, J.I. Cohen, Groninger melody
Bio: קרבות שחרית
Mossel (numbers in the mp3 filename refers to the page number in Polak & van Ameringen, 5628-1868)
, השיבנו, זכור ה', אתה ה', על טלה ועל אלה, בליל זה, אז בחטאינו, שכחנו שבת, תרחם ציון
פסוקי דזמרה חזרה אבות, חזרה גבורות, כי תוליד, שבת סורו, אם תאכלנה, ואתאונן, ציון הלא תשאלי
תפילות לשבת נחמו
יוצר, אופן - Mossel (the Hage)
אופן - Seijfers (Rotterdam)
אופן - Bloemendal H (Amsterdam)

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ברכת החודש on the melody of Rosh Hasahana,  יחדשהו אלול;  יחדשהו Bloemendal H: אלול
The Shofar is blown, starting Mincha the first day of Rosh Chodesh Elul (which is 30 AV) till Mincha before the eve of Rosh Hashanah. It is blown after Shacharit and after Mincha, but if Mincha and Ma'ariv are prayed together, the blowing will take place after Ma'ariv. Mincha Friday there is no blowing.
Sample of Shofar blowing by D. Elburg.
The pages refer to the Rödelheim edition הסליחות לכל השנה לפי מנהג האשכנזים 1885. The main recoding was made on Friday 3 September 2021 - 26 Elul 5781 in the Amsterdam JCC synagogue, by chazzan Mr., H. Loonstein.
Complete live recording.
The other recordings were made in the same shul that same year by: EB - Eli Bio; MCh - Moshe Godschalk; NE - Nafti Elburg; JE - Jishai Elburg; 
Indexed recording (silent reading removed)
Tefilla page
Opening all days
אדון עולם
שמע תפילה

Selichot for the 1st day (Saturday night) - pizmon
Selichot for the 2nd day - pizmon 
Selichot for the 3rd day - pizmon 
Selichot for the 4th day - pizmon 
Selichot for the 5th day - pizmon 
Selichot for the 6th day - beginning, pizmon 
Selichot for the 7th day - pizmon 
Selichot for Erev Rosh Hashana  - pizmon 
     Shortening on the eve of RH: see list and Excel and Rotterdam 

Selichot for Tsom Gedalya - pizmon (NE) 
Selichot for the 2nd day - pizmon (MCh) 
Selichot for the 3rd day - pizmon (JE) 
Selichot for the 4th day - pizmon 
Selichot for the 5th day - pizmon 
Selichot for Erev Yom Kippur  - pizmon (EB)
    Shortening on the eve of YK:: see list and Excel

The pizmon of Neila on Yom Kippur (Machzor 'Atirat Jitschak part 2, page 897-901) is composed of the first lines of the pizmonim from the selichot of the preceding days . Each line is sung by the chazzan in the melody which was used during the selichot days. (This statement in the Machzor is actually not accurate. There are 13 lines in the pizmon, referring to the יג מדות, but 14 daily pizmonim. Further, some daily pizmonim are not used, e.g. from Tsom Gedalya, and some are taken from pizmonim which do not exist in our nusach, e.g. the sixth line. More on this by Meir van Rijk)
Recording H. Bloemendal and his son, M. Bloemendal.

50-55; 55

Closing all days
זכור לנו
מכניסי רחמים

                See also RAS and  Mossel
Last words of the קדיש before the עמידה Friday night and before מוסף: on the melody of Rosh Hsahana (not done on shabbat Shuba).
On the shabbat before the first סליחות: reciting of הכל יודוך (one line chazzan, one line tsibur) finishes.
During the selichot, one chazzan is appointed for ma'ariv in the evening, selichot, shacharit and mincha the following day. For the next 'round' another chazzan may be appointed. An aveel can be chazzan only if he takes all services, including the selichot. recordings: Mossel, RAS.
On the shabbat before Rosh Hashana, the chazzan recites the מי שברך לגבאים after the Tora reading

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Shofar blowing, as done in Amsterdam plus recording of the single 4 tones.
Oss sjofar.jpg (2594876 bytes) Sjofar Gerard Dou.jpg (4846445 bytes)
Typical Dutch Ashkenazi shofarot
In Amsterdam, on the the first day on Succot the chazzan recites the מי שברך לחתנים after the Tora reading, if they are known. In Rotterdam, this is recited on כל נדרי, before בישיבה של מעלה, with a different text.
ראש השנה שיר המעלות
תפילות לראש השנה
שבת שובה Bloemendal H
לכה דוד
אופן  - Seijfers
תפילות ליום הכיפורים
אשנמו בגדנו melody The Hague (P. Jacobs) and by I van Creveld
תפילות לרגלים
On Chol Hamoed Succot all take off the tefillin before the beracha on the Lulav.
סוכות שיר המעלות
שמיני עצרת שיר המעלות
שמחת תורה 
שיר המעלות
Reading of the חתן תורה
Reading of the חתן בראשית
העלאת חתן תורה and קריאה לחתן תורה
"Sieben Farben kaddish", used on שמחת תורה evening. It is called "Sieben Farben" because it combines the melodies of all seven chagim.
Vleeschhouwer, sheet music Stern, by Seijfers and by Colthof
de Haas
H. Bloemendal
Basel - Switzerland version, recorded by y chazzan Lang. They call it "Jahreskaddisch" (Kaddish of the year).


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יחדשהו 1st melody and 2nd melody Bloemendal H

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ברכת החודש on the melody of מעוז צור, יחדשהו כסלי;  יחדשהו Bloemendal H: כסליו
יראו ענינו Hanuka evenings Rotterdam melody
יראו ענינו Hanuka evenings Amsterdam melody (HGWDT)
מעריב חנוכה (?)  S.  Waterman
Lighting the chanukia:
Berachot when lighting the Chanoeka (RV) according to Vleeschouwer
Hanerot Halalu Rotterdam van Dijk and Filarski
Al Hanissim H Bloemendaal 
Berachot lighting the Chanukia M. Bloemendal
Berachot lighting the Chanuika in front of the Russian Embassy in the Hague, mid 1970's. M. Mossel. The melody is from Vleeschouwer, see above
מעריב ma'ariv live recordings: 
RAS 2016 at Shabbat end, therefore lighting after ma'ariv
Amstelveen 2019 (HGWDT), lighting before ma'ariv (according  to the Amsterdam minhag)
שיר המעלות לשבת חנוכה Caneel

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יחדשהו Bloemendal H
יראו ענינו Hanuka evenings
Shabbat Hanuka Piyutim:
chanoeka inleiding,
שני זתים,

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יחדשהו Bloemendal H
ממצרים גאלתנו shabbat shira & 7th  day of Pesach
Pyutim מוסף יוצרות שבת שקלים
פרשת שקלים deel 1- שחרית  & deel 2- מוסף

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יחדשהו Bloemendal H:  אדר ראשון ושני 
קרבות שבת זכור
The pages refer to the Rödelheim edition הסליחות לכל השנה לפי מנהג האשכנזים 1885. The main recoding was made on Taanit Esther 5782 in the Amsterdam JCC synagogue, by chazzan Mr., H. Loonstein.
Complete live recording.
Indexed recording (silent reading removed)
Tefilla page
Beginning from bircat סלח לנו in the Amida
Main part
General ending
Taanit Esther ending part
General ending continued
Bircat עננו
שומר ישראל (end of תחנון, for every fast)

מעריב פורים - Waterman
קדיש evening before amida and morning after Layening - W van Dijk; live recording in JCC shul Purim 5782
קדיש - Bloemendal
מגילת אסתר
Repetition Amida with Krovot (siddur Dasberg, page 341-434) - W van Dijk, Lekstraat, live recording in JCC shul Purim 5782

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